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Performance Upgrades

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  • My Dad had his BMW X6 remapped by Adam at 1st performance and he loved it, the power was fantastic.Sam Barton - Watton Norfolk
  • Lewis Curt - My TDV6 is now how it should be when it left the factory the remap has made such a difference thanks to Adam and the team at 1st performance in Norwich.
  • Very pleased with the improvement in the fuel economy From my BMW 330D. I had an economy remap but there is a noticeable difference in the power available. Thanks to the boys at 1st Performance Norwich
  • Thank you to Adam and the guys at 1ST Performance in norwich for remapping my car I was really struggling with fuel economy only getting roughly 18mpg and it was costing me a fortune in fuel. After remapping by Adam I am now getting nothing less than 25mpg and at some points I can even get up to 29.4 mpg depending on how I drive. highly recommend even if just for the better fuel economy rather than power which car also now had in bucket loads. Thank you very much Mr Lynt / Norwich
  • After changing from a Cupra R to 2.0 TDI Tank it was a bit of a shock, but 1ST Performance in norwich have have brought my car to life! Smoother acceleration, more responsive and it feels more like a petrol but it now sails past petrol and im still saving money on fuel more so thanks to the remap if i can keep my foot off the floor!
  • Hi, I just wanted to leave a review to say how happy I am with the remap on the Cayman. I was unsure whether to go ahead with the remap as the 10hp and 12nm of torque stated didn't sound like much but it has made such a difference to the overall drivability im now booking in for a custom exhaust thanks to adam and the guys at 1st performance norwich. Thanks again.
  • My Mercedes E350 had a number of engine management lights and warnings related to the DPF Filter, The car was taken to a number of specialists who thought they could resolve the issues unfortunately this was not the case. After taking the car to 1st performance all the DPF filter issues were resolved and now the car has so so much more power its unbelievable. - Clive M Barrford (Norwich, Norfolk)
  • Well reccomended, My BMW M3 (2016) should have sounded like this from the factory. The workmanship and effort put into my custom exhaust is second to none. Great service from 1st performance. - Mr Walden Snetterton Norfolk
  • DPF Removal in Norwich -My Mercedes was in for DPF removal this morning, i would like to thank Adam and the team at 1st Performance for getting it right fist time. After Visiting others who could not fix the dpf filter problem im so happy with it now mt drive from norwich was brilliant
    Mr frances - Dereham (norwich)
  • Remapping (mercedes c63)After looking at the gains offered from others and the prices 1st performance norwich was the best of both. even with proof by rolling road.
    Mr Clifton - Mercedes Specialists Norwich
  • Custom remap Norwich - thanks to 1st performance my MPG has never been so good my 3.0 TDI audi Q7 has gained 7 MPG on avaerage after my remap.
    Mr Peterson - Kings Lynn Norfolk
  • Powerflow Norwich - Thanks for fixing my exhaust today guys. Adam was correct the powerflow exhaust systsem was less than half price of the genuine audi system.
    C Tompson - Norwich (Norfolk)
  • Powerflow exhaust - Sounds perfect no droning no knocks or bangs !! TOP Service.
    R Haddon - Bury St Edmunds
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Find out More About 1st Performance

1ST performance have trained technicians dedicated to ecu remapping and tuning your car so you can be sure that your remap is custom made to the highest of standards. 1ST performance are able to provide an extensive range of tuning solutions from a basic stage 1 remap to a fully custom track day setup and of course anything in between.

Below are a few things we get upto daily at 1st performance.

- Stage 1 Remapping
- Stage 2 Remapping
- Stage 1 Remapping
- Custom remapping
- EGR Valve disable
- DPF Filter modification and upgrades
- Speed Limiter Removal
- Launch Control

1ST performance are able to provide a wide range of car tuning both petrol and diesel tuning solutions, From remapping, exhausts, hybrid turbo conversions you name it we have probably done it. Please feel free to get in touch with any requirements or needs you may have.

We offer a wide range of DPF solutions for your vehicle please call us or pop for a free quotation.

As norfolks Powerflow dealer we are able to fabricate the perfect exhaust look and sound. We can design and create an exhaust system based on your specific requirements and needs. for more information please call 01603 787202

Powerflow are proud to offer a lifetime ownership warranty with all custom built stainless steel exhaust systems.

Aylsham Way, 5 Aylsham Rd Norwich NR3 2RF United Kingdom 01603 787202

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