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ECU Remapping

by / Thursday, 25 August 2016 / Published in Latest posts
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Remapping the ECU definitely improves the performance of the car and especially those with turbo diesel engines., go to a professional such as 1st performance in norwich norfolk. We hope you liked our article on ECU remapping. Please let us know in the comments section or to share your personal experience.
Remapping is perfectly safe if it is a done correctly this is why finding the right company id so important, a well developed remap is key. There is no getting away from the fact that it will put more stress on certain components. Your turbo will be worked a little harder, the clutch may wear a little more than usual. However nothing we do will over-stress your engine and we don’t push everything to the absolute limit. Of course if you are looking for something with a little more spice than usual, we can cater for your individual taste.

Ecu remapping is the big take over from chip tuning which was primarily used before ecu remapping was invented back in 1996 as cars before this time did not have an ecu (engine control unit). Which is what we now use to download the software, know as maps. It is these maps that we fine-tune and then upload the fine tuned maps back onto the cars ecu. This process is called remapping.

ECU remapping   is taking a read from the ECU’s processing chip of the vehicles standard compromised map and adjusting various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control amongst others to release the true performance from the engine. It is a completely safe process as it is just giving the engine the performance it should have had in the first place before all the compromises were applied to the original   programming  . Every engine will have its own unique map and by adjusting this we can fine tune the characteristics of the engine; unleashing more power and in many cases reduce fuel consumption too.