Remapping in Norwich

by / Thursday, 25 August 2016 / Published in Uncategorized
suzuki swift custom exhaust and remapping in norwich norfolk

Remapping an ECU can be dangerous it is vital to choose the right comapny with looking for a remap. Changing the fuel mixture may not cause overfuelling  or a lean mixture both can harm the engine, if you were to significantly increase the power of a car without commensurate changes in handling characteristics you might increase the risk of an accident. Safety issues certainly need to be considered when remapping an ECU. For these reasons,  one would expect a similar reaction from the car manufacturers to ECU remapping as the current position on modifications to head unit software; namely, that it is forbidden for safety reasons and technological measures like cryptographic keys would be used to prevent it. That this is not widely the case raises the suspicion that there may be other reasons – other that safety – motivating some car manufacturers to prevent  user-modifiable software in the head unit of their cars.