ECU Remapping/ Chiptuning

ECU Remapping Explained

If you are looking to increase the power and economy from your car then it’s worth considering a remap.This is acheived by adjusting the cars ECU (brain) in order to improve performance. We regularly get asked about how this works so here is a little info on how its done. Remaps are made possible by your car’s engine control unit (ECU). This controls the ignition timing, air/fuel mixture and (on turbo cars) boost pressure. It also imposes any speed or rev limits. through remapping we are able to change the car’s ECU software and how it controls the engine and can also remove any limiters placed on it. This is done by plugging specially designed equipment into the OBD port (the vehicles onboard diagnostic port) The gains achieved through remapping are always noticeable from the moment you first drive the vehicle! For example on most modern Turbo diesel vehicles you can expect to see at least 30BHP and 70 NM of torque and driven conservatively you will see a fuel improvement of 3-5 MPG Many companies offer plug-in kits but this only creates a false signal to the ecu adjusting air fuel and boost pressure. with a Remap these adjustments are permanent and include adjusting torque limiters which cannot be achieved with a tuning box. Many people are concerned that remapping could cause problems with their car. But as long as your vehicle is maintained to a good standard and you use a reputable tuner, then you should not have any issues. We always run full diagnostics on any vehicle before the remapping process takes place to insure the vehicle is up to standard giving you peace of mind. Most car engines are built to offer more performance than they actually deliver. “You find manufacturers launch a car with a set power figure, but then over the life of the model they’ll introduce a few facelift's and higher performance versions. They don’t develop new engines for each new version of vehicle mostly they limit the performance of the earlier models and then offer a more power with each new edition.

stage 1-3 remapping explained

A stage 1 mod can usually be added on it’s own with no other supporting parts needed or required. A true stage 1 modification part does not require any other engine modifications to get it to work properly other than perhaps some mounting bolts or clips. Other mods will help to release the full potential of the mod they are not required. These are at the bottom end of the tuning scene in terms of the overall benefits you will get. they cost less and are generally easy to carry out.Stage 1 mods are generally a relatively simple DIY fit if you are competent and should work well on a standard engine that is in good condition.Examples of stage 1 modifications include:ECU Remap induction kits fuel pressure regulators panel air filters sports exhausts blow off valves/diverters:Stage 2 mods offer larger power gains than stage 1 does. However they will usually require additional work or other parts if you want them to work reliably or at all. Some examples listed above could also be regarded as stage 2 mods if they are more complex or offer bigger power gains.A stage 2 mod is also usually a DIY fit but many will require specialist knowledge and tools.Typical stage 2 modsAddition of a larger or hybrid turbo (requires a remap and fueling upgrades as well as potential engine strengthening) fast road cams (need some engine dismantling and will need to be fitted with followers/lifters ideally the engine will need mapping and fueling upgrades) Supercharger kits (these need air intake, exhaust and mapping modifications before they can work at all.)A stage 3 modification is regarded by most as a track day or full competition modification. Like stage 2 mods they will also need other mods to support them. These are not usually suitable for road cars.Typical stage 3 mods.Racing brakes. These can tolerate extremely high temperatures but are not suitable for road use. On the road you can’t afford to have to wait for the brakes to warm up before they operate effectively. On the track they will run hot through each lap. An aggressive competition cam profile will also move the power band right up the rev range and cause a very lumpy tick over making the car hard to drive in day to day traffic. Heavy duty clutches can be off or on in their nature and make driving in slow traffic nearly impossible. Special tuning (remapping/balancing/extreme turbocharging) forcing the usable power band into much higher RPM ranges A stage 3 race modified car will also need to be regularly overhauled and serviced much more so than a regular road car. The extra strain put on the cars engine will result in premature engine wear and if a car is used on a daily basis it will become very unreliable.So to summarise stage 3 mods are the most aggressive and not the sort of thing you want to do on a road car.

Dyno remapping explainned

Dyno MappingThe dyno is a controlled environment specifically designed to make remapping and measurement of power as safe and effective as possible. There are many different makes of dyno and each has its own pros and cons but they are a great tool for tuning if you don’t take the figures as 100% right… they are best used to show improvements and ultimately the way the car drives is the real test. Dyno software automatically adjusts for temperature and barometric conditions and as such the power a car produces in winter should be similar to what it will show in mid summer. (however a word of warning these same compensations are open to abuse by some dyno centres though)So … advantages:safe for driver, safe for mapper and safe for other road users safe for the car as, at the dyno centres racedynamix uses, the fan set up is optimised for recreating the flow of air experienced in the real world and whilst being fulled monitored during calibration it is much easier to spot potential failures you can map every single area of the map without having to wait for perfect road conditions or space in traffic identifying issues with the car is much easier when potentially you can view the engine whist it is under extreme load (things such as hoses collapsing is easy to see on the dyno) also, exact power, torque and other graphs are produced which are useful down the pub 😉 and indeed useful to show progress in performance with experience of remapping various cars, it is possible to fully recreate real world conditions and driveability on most dynos

DPF Solutions

Option 1/ DPF CleaningDPF blockages are becoming more frequent as most modern turbo diesel cars have them, especially if your vehicle is used to travel short distances. A DPF system is designed to self-clean and this process is called regeneration. during this process the soot is burnt off in the filter at very high temperatures this is only achieved when the vehicle is travelling consistently at moderate to high rpm. If however the DPF builds up too much soot and the vehicle is only doing short journeys then it is not able to meet these requirements of a regeneration cycle, therefore the soot build up becomes too great and it cannot clean itself . Our DPF cleaning service uses state of the art technology providing a fast and cost-effective solution. The regeneration process achieves 98% of the original condition with certified results. if your vehicle is having DPF issues and you are doing high motorway miles then usually there are other things causing the dpf to block. Usually it is a sensor failing in the filter itself . If this is the case then we offer full diagnostics before we proceed to confirm the actual cause. Option 2/DPF ReplacmentAt 1St Performance we pride ourselves on offering very competitive prices. We can guarantee that we are at least 20% cheaper than main dealer if not more and all of our products come with the same 12 months warranty* where advertised. Option 3/ DPF Replacment DPF Removal / ModificationIF you are having repeated problems with your DPF system, Then we offer a DPF Removal Service. With our in-house team of developers we are pleased to offer DPF Delete software which is a complete system solution, so no more troublesome engine management lights or limp home mode, just improved fuel efficiency more BHP and most of all drivability and reliability. We offer a lifetime warranty on all DPF removal services giving you piece of mind. So if you wish to discuss your needs further then please don't hesitate in contacting us. As this process usually takes around 3-4 hours we offer a free courtesy car and free collection and delivery service within 15 miles of our workshops.

Anti Tuning remapping Explained

Since mid 2009 we have seen the introduction of protected Bosch EDC17 & MED17 using an Infineon Tricore processor and people are often told that these new Tricore ECUs cannot be remapped as the vehicle has "Tuning protection" or the ECU itself is "Locked" this simply is not true! There is no such thing as a "Locked" or "Anti-tuning" software, however there are many inexperienced or poorly equipped tuners that do not understand these ECUs and rather than admit they have no knowledge on these latest systems they simply say it is not possible.We at Elite Remaps do have a safe and reliable solution for programing these ECUs this is via a Bootloader technique as pictured above which involves the removal of the ECU from the vehicle and making a direct connection allowing the reading & writing of the Tricore processor. This is the only safe way to remap any EDC17 or MED17 ECU because please remember these ECUs were introduced firstly without any protection (pre 2009), which would allow OBD flashing but during normal servicing or warranty repairs the dealers do have the ability update the old non protected software with the new "Anti-tuning" versions, where this is the case any attempts to reprogram your ECU via the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) can cause fatal damage to your ECU.