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ECU Remapping in Norwich

Custom Remapping

1St Performance custom remapping, 1ST Performance remaps are fully custom but we are able to provide other remaps such as stage 1 all the way to stage 3. Call today whatever your needs or requirements. All of our remaps are designed around maximising performance and economy from your vehicle, whilst matching your specific requirements.

- Custom Remapping
- Staged Remaps
- Rolling Road Set-up
- Launch Control
- Hard Cut Limiters
- Fault Code Removal from ECU
- ECU Cloning
- DPF Removal Software
- EGR Removal Software
- Swirl Flap Removal
- Speed Limiter / Vmax OFF

All 1ST Performance software is fully licensed and warranted, If you need any help or assistance with remapping please feel free to get in touch by phone, email or social media.

ECU Remapping

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Please feel free to get in touch regarding your remap, Simply send the ford to us and we will be in touch soon.

Bespoke Engine Tuning By 1ST Performance

Whats the first thing you should ask about ECU remapping, well, what is it? we found that 40 % of people have very little of no real knowledge of ecu remapping. With experts from 1st performance on hand to help we can talk you through the process and whats best suited to your needs and or requirements. We know it can often be difficult to choose which remapping company is worth talking to, so it’s important to have a clear idea of exactly what its offered and what you will end up with before you part with hard cash. All modern vehicles are fitted with Engine Control Unit, commonly known as the ECU or simpler "the Brain" of the car . As you will probably know by now this is the ECU computer unit that controls how the engine works. Due to the sheer number of regulations, climates and other variables, the manufacturers ensure the software is preset before its sent out to the individual dealership. ECU remapping Norwich is essentially changing the software values in order to optimize the performance of your vehicle’s engine.